Shaky Ceasefire is the founder and ostensible leader of the group. What this mostly means is he gets stuck with the bar tab a lot and gets to clean up the rehearsal space. When things go wrong - which is often - it is his fault. He sings most of the songs - few of them well. He also plays the guitar, at which he is semi-competent.

  Dave Big Wave Dave Becker is a "professional" musician. He's a busy guy and plays bass guitar in several bands. The Tone Stonies is one of them. Thankfully his wife has a real job so he will not starve. He generally does not bring his own equipment but he does bring his own hats. Some nights they are the star of the show.  
  Greg Big Leg Greg Lindsay is a young and talented jazz drummer. We have no idea why he stays in this band. He could do better (please don't tell him). Sometimes he pretends to be a responsible adult. No one is fooled. He does not own a watch and arrives at odd times. No one minds except Shaky, about whom no one cares.  
  Mike Mad Mike Madarasz is the newest member of the group. He was hired because he pretended to like the songs and could actually play lead guitar to some of them. He also had a suitable mix of personality disorders which fit in quickly with the rest of the band. We're happy he's here but suspect he's already sorry. Too bad.  
  Doug Decibel Jones is an original member of the band. He rarely appears on stage with them anymore as he is often held hostage in New Jersey by radical Republicans. When he does show up he sings and plays many things with strings. He gets paid by the chord, which helps explain why the band's material is so unnecessarily complicated.